Working Together

When you choose to work with me, my priority is to find out about you: I want to understand how you are feeling, how your body is working – and which of the underlying processes might not be operating quite as they should – so that I can get you back to feeling yourself again. 

I want to bring the colour and energy back into your life, and we’ll achieve that, together, with a step-by-step approach, tailored to your needs.


I’ll start by sending you a questionnaire to fill in online, as well as a food, sleep & exercise diary so that I can begin to understand your routines, habits, the food you eat & what makes you tick.

Initial Consultation – 90 minutes

We’ll explore the information from your questionnaire in more detail, your food likes & dislikes and the symptoms you’re encountering.

We’ll work together to make some changes to the food you eat and, where necessary, your lifestyle that work for you & fit your daily juggle.

Don’t worry about the changes being complicated – we’ll take gradual steps.

As your health & wellbeing is my utmost priority, I’ll work alongside your GP, doctor or any other medical or healthcare professionals involved in your care: my recommendations will complement their medical advice.

Your Health Optimisation Protocol

I’ll send you a written summary of the steps we’ve agreed, meal & snack ideas, recipes and any testing or supplement advice – including where to buy these – after our consultation – so you won’t need to take notes. 

Functional Testing

Sometimes I’ll recommend private stool, blood, urine, saliva or breath tests – all of which (except blood) you can carry out at home – or other tests available at your GP to understand the physiological aspects that might be making you feel off kilter.

Occasionally, I may refer you to your GP to investigate your symptoms further.


I may recommend specialist, pharmaceutical grade supplements to help get you back on track: where I do, both testing & supplementation will help you achieve your goal more efficiently, but you do not have to proceed with these.

Follow Up Consultations – 60 minutes

This is a time for us to check in and see how you are, what’s worked and what needs tweaking – because none of us are perfect and life may have got in the way. 

We’ll work on additional food & lifestyle changes necessary to reach your goal or for any new symptoms you’ve encountered & review the results of any tests you’ve taken or supplements I’ve suggested. 

Follow-up consultations take place 3 – 4 weeks after our first consultation – depending on your schedule & how much support you are looking for.

I’ll send you another written protocol afterwards, summarising the new steps we’ve agreed.


Check-in Calls – 15 minutes

These are for you to check anything you are unsure of from the Initial/Follow Up Consultations or mentioned in your Health Optimisation Protocols.



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Let me help you bring the colour & energy back into your life, by working together & taking a step-by-step approach to your food & health, tailored to your needs.