Fed Up With Fatigue?

It’s time to reclaim your nights and RECOVER THAT superior sleep, by finding a solution that lasts.

Poor sleep is crippling: it saps your energy, affects your mood and ripples through every aspect of your life. Everything seems so much more difficult to cope with after a bad night’s sleep. AND if you only sleep for 4 or 5 hours a night, you KNOW the next day is going to be REALLY HARD to get through; what should be relatively simple challenges feel like mountains….

– poor sleep & anxiety

Do you find yourself overthinking things, ruminating or catastrophizing, especially in the evening?

Are you increasingly worrying about the little things that you never used to care about? “Did I turn the cooker off?” “How should I respond to that email or WhatsApp message?”, or “Did I actually respond to that message already?”

Do you worry about changes in your health and their significance – scrolling and asking Dr Google – particularly in the evening, or something you never used to worry about?

It’s time to stop…..and get back to you.

Good Quality Sleep Is Key To Our Overall Health

Disrupted sleep cycles can have many negative effects on our health; it saps your daytime energy increasing anxiety, impacts your mood, weight, hormones (and that includes stress and your sex hormones), blood pressure, your gut health, cholesterol levels and immune system, and so much more.
It’s a KEY aspect of our health and wellbeing, that is crucial to get under control.

My Approach

If you aren’t getting a proper night’s sleep, your energy, mood or motivation are down, you need a strategy to help you knock that nighttime waking on the head; to halt the overthinking and anxious thoughts.

We’ll take a deep dive into your existing routines and make a bespoke plan for you, starting with just 2 or 3 simple things to improve your sleep routine, so that you start reducing those restless/waking hours, the worrying, stress and overthinking straight away.

Adopting this staged and supported approach means that you’ll have the confidence to sleep like a baby again – well, at least from 10pm to 6am most nights!

Virginia Hills Nutrition

The Symptoms

Everyone’s sleep experience is different, which means that the symptoms or struggles you have can manifest in different ways: check if you have any of the symptoms from the lists below. These are the areas where I can support you.

  • Struggle to get to sleep
  • Unsettled / disturbed sleep
  • Experience shallow or ‘light’, unrefreshing sleep
  • Fall asleep easily but wake up at 2, 3 or 5am
  • Hot flushes at night
  • Night sweats
  • Wake up to pee and struggle to get back to sleep
  • A night-owl, but struggle in the mornings
  • Increasingly more exhausted
  • Struggle to get up in the mornings
  • Feel ‘low’ in energy or under par
  • Feel fuzzy or light-headed
  • Find it difficult to focus during the day
  • Occasionally feel spaced out
Mind & Mood
  • Feel increasingly anxious
  • Overthinking things
  • Find it harder to make decisions
  • Worry about ‘little’ or unusual things
  • Increasingly low mood, or bouts of depression
  • Worry about your health – more often asking Dr Google?
  • Losing motivation
  • Struggle to concentrate?
Other Symptoms
  • Restless legs (day or night)
  • Diarrhoea or loose stools when you are anxious, worried or stressed
  • Night sweats
  • Lost appetite

Everyone says that getting into a routine is the key to overcoming my sleep struggles and anxiety – but how?

Virginia Hills Nutrition - Causes for poor sleep and anxiety


I’ll take a deep dive into your sleep, your daily routines, what you’re eating, doing and drinking to see what could be keeping you awake at night or triggering your worries and anxiety.

I’ll listen to your health anxieties, worries, stresses or strains and work with you to overcome them.


We’ll create a structure for you to adjust your day – something simple that works with your work day, your children or your commitments – not mine or someone else’s.
You’ll have the confidence to try it out, over and over, and it’s that routine that starts the ball rolling towards a better night’s sleep.

Virginia Hills Nutrition - support for poor sleep and anxiety


You never have to go it alone, especially when you’re feeling anxious.
I’ll be there to support you when you have blips in the road, because that’s normal.

Everyone’s journey is different.

The Sleep & Anxiety Reset Programme
by Virginia Hills

A natural, supported and bespoke programme to improve your sleep, reduce your restless hours and halt the overthinking and anxious thoughts.


step one.

Let’s Chat!

Book a 30 minute, no obligation chat with me, and I’ll listen to your concerns & explain a little more about how I can support you.

step two.

The Prep

You’ll complete an online questionnaire, and record a food, drink and lifestyle diary in preparation for our first 90-minute consultation. Don’t worry, it’s easy!

step three.

The Plan

We’ll then have our 90-minute consultation, explore the information you’ve provided a little further and work on some initial changes to your food & lifestyle to start getting you on track and so that you can start winning at life once again…

You will also receive your Personalised Health Plan, covering your specific recommendations (no need to take notes!), supplement & functional test recommendations (if that’s what you choose) via my secure, online portal.

Approximately 2 weeks later, we meet again for a 15-minute chat to see how you’re getting on and whether you have any quick questions you need help with.

step four.

The Follow-Up

After 4-weeks on your Personal Health Plan, we’ll meet again for a 60-minute consultation to see how you’re getting on, the improvements you have noted, and what we still need to work on.
We’ll agree some further food & lifestyle changes at your pace and discuss any change in or new symptoms you’ve encountered. We’ll also review any functional test results (if appropriate) or supplements I’ve suggested – and you’ll receive another Personalised Health Plan afterwards.

We then work on a 2 – 3 week check-in & follow-up cycle with a third, Personalised Health Plan after your next follow-up to complete your programme.

If you are not feeling 100% tip-top by the end of your programme, we can repeat this process until you are: the number of times we meet varies from person to person and on how quickly your body responds to the lifestyle changes implemented. This is completely flexible, and you are under no obligation to keep going once you feel better, but can always book another 60-minute consultation if you need it.

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Should I try changing my sleep routine before I come to you to see if that improves my sleep?

No – please don’t make any changes! It’s best if you keep your sleep and daytime routines as normal as possible before your first consultation. The quickest way for me to solve your sleep problems is for me to see exactly when you are going to sleep, waking up, lying awake struggling to sleep and what you are doing, eating or drinking before you go to sleep at your first consultation. I won’t judge you: my sole focus is working out what’s disrupting your sleep and solving it once and for all.

Do I need to come and see you in person?
No. All of my consultations are run online, using zoom. You can be sitting in the comfort of your own home or office when working with me. However, I will ask you to have your video turned on during our consultations, as this helps me to get to know you better (and I will always have my video on too!).
How many consultations will I need?
How long is a piece of string?! This depends on the person and your circumstances, but most of my clients who struggle with sleep or anxiety work with me for approximately 4 months, and then check in again when they need to. I will usually have a better understanding of this after your second consultation.
Can I work with you if I’m taking prescription medications (including sleeping pills, anti-depressants and HRT)?
Yes – we can work alongside your medications, including sleeping pills, anti-depressants and HRT: I carefully check for any potential interactions between foods or supplements with prescription medications for each of my clients.
Will I need to take any blood or functional tests?
This very much depends on your symptoms and your situation. Sometimes I do recommend functional testing, however, only where I believe this will be of benefit to you and will help you reach your goal in a more targeted and quicker way. Functional testing may be recommended to assess nutritional imbalances and inform your personalised diet and lifestyle recommendations to support your wellbeing. All functional test recommendations are personalised to you and are at an additional cost, if you wish to go down this route.
Will I have to stop drinking coffee, tea or alcohol?
Coffee, tea and alcohol can be a cause of poor sleep and anxiety, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop drinking them all and forever. Sometimes it’s the amount of these drinks or when you are drinking them that can be causing the problem – and it’s my job to help you navigate those and suggest replacements or what to add into your meals instead.
Will I need to take supplements?
This very much depends on your symptoms and your situation. Sometimes I do recommend supplements, but only those that I believe will benefit you and help you reach your goal in a more targeted and quicker way and, most importantly, only if you wish to do so. I always try to keep supplement recommendations to a minimum and within your budget range, recommending good quality supplements from a recommended, online supplier. You will receive a 10% discount on any personalised supplements I recommend.
How do I pay for my programme of consultations?
You will receive an invoice with payment details through my secure portal in advance of the consultation, and payment will need to be made by bank transfer at least 48 hours before the consultation. If you require a payment plan to spread the cost, feel free to ask and this can be arranged.
Are you available for corporate work?
I offer a variety of services to support your employee’s well-being, which are completely tailored to your organisation’s needs. Examples of services I offer include: talks or seminars, workshops, mini or full consultations. If you are interested in learning more or would like to arrange a free meeting to discuss your organisation’s needs, please do get in touch: hello@virginiahillsnutrition.com

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what my clients say

Try Virginia before you reach for pills or think that how you feel cannot be changed by nutrition.

Claire, Kent & London


I had such a positive experience working with Virginia. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional, providing a truly holistic assessment and valuable expert insights into my health and wellbeing. It was a real pleasure to work with her and would highly recommend. Thank you Virginia!”

Fleur Challis


Virginia is very knowledgeable and lovely: she is easy to talk to and provides lots of advice in her sessions.

Lesley, 69, Ashford, Kent


I’m feeling much better and more in control of my symptoms after my consultations with Virginia. I loved her experience & understanding in offering alternative solutions. Make sure you make the most of her professionalism and ask lots of questions!

Claire, 63, Maidstone


You can literally say anything to Virginia – she doesn’t judge, goes at your pace, is a lot of fun and soooo knowledgeable.

Karen, 53, Kent


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