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My Programmes – Your Investment



I offer consultation programmes lasting a minimum of 12 weeks: together we will gradually make changes to your food & lifestyle that fit your daily juggle, enabling you to make lasting changes to your health & wellbeing.

We focus on you – so that I can support you back to feeling yourself again.

Each programme includes:

  • Pre-consultation analysis & research of your case

  • Review of current medications & supplements to assess any potential dietary or supplement interactions

  • Initial 90-minute consultation – to explore your symptoms & start making some changes to your food and, if required, your lifestyle

  • Follow-up consultations (60 minutes) – time to tweak previous food & lifestyle changes enabling you to reach your goal

  • Personalised nutrition & lifestyle plans (your “Health Optimisation Protocol”) sent after each consultation

  • 15-minute check-in calls arranged 2 weeks after each consultation (scheduled to your availability) – giving you time to check anything you are unsure of

  • Recommendations for supplements and, where appropriate, testing: you do not have to proceed with these if you do not wish to

  • 10% discount on supplements purchased from recommended suppliers



You’ll get the support, education & encouragement you need to understand your health concerns, adopt the changes & achieve the results.

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Everyone is different – and so are your needs

All my programmes are tailored to you, reflecting the level of support you require & the complexity of your case.

As an indication, the details of my introductory Green Programme are set out below:

Green Programme – 12 weeks – £340

Supporting you back to feeling your best

  • Initial consultation (90 mins)

  • 2 follow-ups (60 mins each)

  • 2 check-in calls (15 mins each)

  • 3 tailor-made Health Optimisation Protocols: each with specific recommendations to reach your goal

Other consultation programmes – some with increased email and telephone contact between consultations – are available, depending on your circumstances. 

Individual payment plans for programmes can also be arranged. Book a chat with me below and we can tailor the best programme for you.

Do you still have questions before getting started?

Let me help you bring the colour & energy back into your life, by working together & taking a step-by-step approach to your health, tailored to your needs.