Gut Health and hormone nutritionist

As a nutritionist specialising in women’s gut health & hormones, I am on a mission to:

  • support women to feel their best

  • & boost their energy levels

  • whilst balancing their hormones & everyday stress.

I will work with you to help you feel the way you want to – every day.

Do you want to feel the best version of yourself every day?


Do you dream of eating like you used to: without worrying about how something you order at a restaurant or café might affect your weight or how you feel?

Do you want to know how to feel full of energy whatever life throws at you? For your headaches to subside, to sleep without interruption, to be rid of niggling stomach pain or bloating?


Perhaps you just want to set your health up for the future?

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My one-to-one nutrition consultations provide personalised nutrition advice – online – to help & support you kick-start your journey to feeling your best self.

I use my leading edge nutritional knowledge & analytical skills to identify the crux of what could be making you feel out of sorts: supporting YOU to make the changes YOU need to help YOU get the results YOU want.

Why not book a free call with me to find out more?

 I realise that nutrition & health messages in the media are complicated & constantly changing – my nutritional advice is simple & understandable, for you to use every day.

I want to empower you to understand how to achieve your best self; to use the vibrancy of food to nourish your body – so that you can easily incorporate this into your daily juggle.


Let me help you bring the colour & energy back into your life, by working together & taking a step-by-step approach to your food & health, tailored to your needs.