Virginia Hills DipION, mBANT, CNHC

I’m a Registered Nutritional Therapist qualified from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION), London, providing personalised nutrition consultations online from my home in Kent to clients locally and internationally. 

I am a fully insured member of BANT, a professional body of Nutrition Practitioners, and registered with the CNHC – the UK’s independent regulator for complementary healthcare practitioners, which holds an Accredited Register of Nutritional Therapists.

I am ready to work with you wherever you are – you only need an internet connection.

Virginia Hills Nutritionist

My focus

I specialise in gut health, supporting women grappling with unsolved digestive issues to live freely again, without worrying about abdominal pain, embarrassing bloating or unpredictable bowels.

I am passionate about identifying the food and lifestyle factors that cause my clients’ digestive problems, leading to symptoms such as constant tiredness, headaches, migraines, acne, eczema or dry skin.

I am also fascinated by how our various hormones affect how we feel on a daily basis – whether that is due to hormonal imbalances (including PMS, PCOS, in the lead up to menopause – “peri-menopause” – or menopause itself) or stressful life events.

These are all aspects that I regularly see in client consultations – where I support my clients to make lasting changes, with nutrition & lifestyle as the key motivator.

I love learning and continue to regularly attend postgraduate training to deepen and further my knowledge.


“Laughter is brightest where food is best”

— Irish Proverb



Why nutrition?

I struggled with IBS for years as a teenager and throughout university – then, as a media lawyer in London and the Middle East, I worked round the clock juggling two young children, managing multiple deadlines and multi-time zone conference calls. I became exhausted, gained weight and fed up – my IBS worsened.

Discovering that I could change my food and lifestyle, I was able to control my IBS, lose weight and regain my passion to live life to its fullest – enjoying every day.

Understanding that eating a diverse range of foods is key to a healthy gut, body and mind, I used what I had learnt to support my family to eat the variety of foods we all needed for our individual demands.

Together, these fuelled my desire to explore and understand how our food, body, lifestyle and environment interact to influence your health: I studied for 4 years on the Diploma for Nutritional Therapy at ION, graduating with distinction. 

I love to travel and its inherent exploration of other societies’ foods, flavours and markets: I’ve lived and worked in India, the Middle East & Europe and travelled through Sri Lanka, the Levant, Iran, Central Asia & South East Asia.

Through my adventures I’ve learnt novel ways of using vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices to make quick, easy & exciting meals – even for those who don’t usually like “spicy”, “fussy” or “different” foods or cooking – making food enjoyable and fun.


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I love getting to know people so why not arrange a free 30 minute chat with me to explore how I can help you feel your best self?

You don’t need to “know’ what is making you feel out of sorts – if you’ve got a niggling feeling that something isn’t quite right, let’s have a chat?


Let me help you bring the colour & energy back into your life, by working together & taking a step-by-step approach to your food & health, tailored to your needs.